Why work with us?

We are more than just IT specialists. We care about our clients. We know the IT challenges and opportunities you face and have solved many of these.

With us, you won’t experience a “call centre” atmosphere. We take the time to really get to know your organization and take care of your technology needs. Our clients have direct access to their dedicated account manager to solve their problems.

We make IT personal so that you can focus on your business.

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5 Tech Travel Accessories for Your Next Adventure

Ah, summer. A time for travel, adventure, and at least a good 3 months of glorious weather for us here in Alberta. To make your vacation just a bit more organized and secure, here are 5 great accessories to look into before your next trip.

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Tech Trends

Microsoft Surface Laptop

“Microsoft made a device that’s not trying to be something new and weird, it’s just trying to be the thing you want. It’s a laptop that’s powerful enough to run all your apps, but thin enough to carry around — something with a high-resolution screen, a good keyboard, and a reasonable price. It’s the obvious thing to make, and so Microsoft gave it the obvious name: the Surface Laptop.”

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