Caring about our communities.
Locally and Globally.

In addition to being committed to the business interest of our clients, we are committed to the communities our clients operate in, and beyond.

  • Our responsibility is not only as a trusted Central Alberta provider of IT services, but also a responsible member of the community for the benefits of all
  • We believe strong communities and strong business environments go hand in hand, whether locally through our Neighbors program, or globally through our A Better World efforts
  • A great place to live is a great place to work and a great place to do business

Many of our clients have similar values as they have had a long-term relationship with both Advanced Systems and A Better World.

ABW Canada

About A Better World

A Better World is a Central Alberta-based international development organization, established in 1990. Our management, executive director, and board are 100% volunteers. They invest in education, health, water, agriculture, and income generation partnering with local communities to establish long-term development. 100% of project donations go to projects, with operations funded separately. Donors can get directly involved in projects, helping to decide how their money is spent. They often visit projects and meet local people to see the returns on their investments.

See the results:


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People cared for


People with access


People Sustained


Permanent Jobs

Would you like to get involved?

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ABW Canada